British Airways Vision and Mission

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The distinctive, individualized tails on BA's aircraft

British Airways announced its new corporate identity on June 10. CAP Online looks at the new ID created by Newell and Sorrell, and at the new corporate mission to be the undisputed leader in world travel for the next millennium

Info to go

BRITISH AIRWAYS has a summary of the new artwork on the tails, which can be found at their site.

OUR articles on British branding can be found at this link or from the CAP contents page.




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I N   T H E   L A S T 10 years, British Airways has proven itself to be one of the UK's success stories in privatization. The relaunch of BA in the 1980s as "the world's favourite airline" is the stuff that advertising courses are made of, while BA's process re-engineering, introducing best practices in customer care, fill pages in marketing textbooks and the Harvard Business Review. BA's rejuvenation from being an unhealthy airline to a world-class enterprise has been already well documented.    On June 10, 1997, BA introduced a new dimension. Instead of standing still, a new corporate identity was launched, heralding a £6 billion improvement programme and a new strategic direction.

Mission statement
BA has shown that redefining the vision, and making sure it is successfully carried out throughout the organization, are keys to corporate success. As competitors became aware that service mattered and geared their processes to suit, British Airways has leapt forward again, now defining its target as being the 'undisputed leader in world travel'.    This mission is, of course, wider than being merely an airline with good...
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