Bravery and Cowardness

Topics: Mongoose, The Jungle Book, Bungarus Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Cowardness and Bravery

The two characters from the book “Rikki-tikki-tavi” that I will be comparing are Rikki and Chuchundra. Chuchundra and Rikki are most obviously the opposites of each other, so here are the differences. Chuchu is very cowardly, while Rikki is quite brave but Chuchu is very sharp in things like the two cobras Nag and Nagaina. Chuchu likes to stay out of things that may cost his life, he is very wise to do that but Rikki is a very curious mongoose so he goes sniffing around for danger. In one point of the story Chuchu helps Rikki by telling Rikki that “Cannot you hear Rikki-tikki” “a noise as faint as that of a wasp on a window-pane, -- the dry scratch of a snake’s scales on brick-work. “That is Nag or Nagaina” he said to himself”. Chuchundra actually help save the man and his family. Rikki and Chuchundra are friends but Rikki threatens Chuchundra because he wants to protect the family and because the family saved Rikki’s life. Chuchundra is a muskrat, so it does not have the speed to dodge a cobra’s strike but on the other hand Rikki does, so he uses his speed to eliminate Nag. Rikki is courageous and fierce but Chuchu is very scared even to stay too long outside of the wall of the house. They have their similarities too like: detesting Nag and Nagaina and both know that no animal in the garden is safe. They both think thoroughly and they both think wisely like; “How am I to be sure that Nag would not mistake me for you some dark night” said Chuchundra but Rikki says something that has a good point “That is not the least danger but Nag is in the garden and I know you do not go there. As well as both Rikki and Chuchu are both animals Rikki is more tamed and stays with the human family and Chuchu lives in the house wall. A mongoose and a muskrat are quite similar but mongoose but a mongoose is more like a guard dog in case a snake comes crawling in the bungalow
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