Brave New World Essay

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Throughout the dystopian novel Brave New World, Aldous Huxley paints a portrait of destroyed innocence in a bildungsroman storyline. Huxley’s novel resembles the trials and tribulations of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a direct comparison can be made between Juliet and John the [Noble] Savage, with their shared innocence destroyed by the undeniable truth of the worlds they reside in. Huxley warns his audience of technology controlling every nuance of a person’s life and he insists that we as individuals must be our own person against the complacency of society. In a way, the world slides into chaos and anarchy throughout the novel because of the so called “way of living,” through the disciplines of their society.

In every society, there are multiple different “worlds” that make up a whole of society. The same situation is seen in the novel, as it encompasses the lives of the natives on the reservation, and the high tech society of brave new world. The reservation portrays the version of living that involves the influence of community involvement in activities and even in their religion. The natives worship a Christian-like deity while still worshiping traditional Native American gods. This shows a strong connection between the community members, but the reader clearly sees that John is not welcome at these events. John continuously attempts to become a part of the “savage family”; however, he is alienated because of the color of his skin and his origins of birth and mother. When Linda describes the reservation as, “Everyone belongs to everyone else” (121), Huxley points out the extreme of the society where everything they receive goes to all in the community. John the [Noble] Savage desperately wants to belong to this society but is rejected and later learns that it may have been for the better.

Conversely, the society of brave new world focuses on the technological aspect of a community. It shows the emphasis on...
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