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Brand Management
Dockers Case Study

1. Describe the broader product-market and competitive offerings for pants at the time of the Dockers launch (What choices did men have regarding pants?). Utilize the CBBE Pyramid to describe the association for the “Levi’s” brand. How did men perceive dress pants (the category) in general?

At the time in which Dockers launched, men had two choices regarding pants, one of which was jeans, another one was dress slacks. However, at that time the “baby boomer” that grew up (25-49 years old) was moving out of the jeans market (means freedom, adventure and independence) and they are seeking for natural fibers. Meanwhile, the dress code at the workplace agrees leisure dressing on Fridays. To meet the needs of its customers, the company decided to create a new product category- “new casuals.” It would still keep the core values of Levi’s – quality, conform and uniqueness and emotional impact, but is good for both workplace and leisure time. Dockers brand was born to satisfy these buyers with its new product, which utilized the comfort and casual feel of cotton, but at the same time is still stylish and unique. After combining with the CBBE Pyramids scheme, the category identification of Dockers transformed strictly into casual pants; its image is comfortable and relaxing pants, an alternative to traditional dressing for almost every occasion. The association for the “Levi’s brand” is as an extension of the brand, which have same core values-comfort, quality, uniqueness and emotional impact. Meanwhile, it reminds people the connection between Dockers and Levi’s brands, and how the Dockers line was produced by Levi’s with the same strong features as well as quality. The ultimate response by consumers was good, and the end result has led to consumers continually buying these pants due to their brand loyalty. Men perceive the dress pants as dress slacks for very formal occasions, which also have high quality but won’t satisfy the baby boomer’s fashion needs: casual and comfortable yet stylish as Dockers. 2. Levi’s chose the sub brand “Dockers” (Levi’s Dockers). Refer to the pyramid and explain the “performance and “imagery” associations managers sought to create for Dockers. Explain why they might have chosen this name, the hangtag (women lead off ship by formally dressed man but looking at relaxed, casually dressed man), and the logo (interlocking wings and anchors).

“Dockers” is a Levi’s sub-brand, and was swiftly introduced into market in 1986.  “Dockers” is now an easy name to remember as it pertains to brand recall/recognition, and it’s by definition is a “dockworker or longshoreman” giving the brand a nautical connotation. The name the company went with at the forefront was Levi‘s Dockers Pants, and many customers thought that was too long to remember. In an effort to shorten the name, the company it became “Dockers”. Levi’s makes this brand successful because of paying attention for strengthening brand equity and other different marketing strategies. Based on the performance from CBBE Pyramid, Dockers’s core values are very straightforward: Comfort, Uniqueness, Quality and Emotional Impact. These core values are simple, as well as extremely diversified. “Dockers” offers many different product lines for every life style to customers. Moreover, “Dockers” has fantastic alternative for an optimum fit midway between formals and casuals. The company introduced “new casuals” into the market with a vision to change the markets structure. That is “the new pants to men as more formal than jeans and less causal than dress”. The specific kind of design that Dockers implemented is suitable for both the working class, and leisure based conditions; therefore the “Dockers” hangtag reflects this feature fully. What’s more important, is that Dockers used imagery to suggest to consumers that this brand is fun, and interesting. The managers of “Dockers”...
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