Braithwaite's To Sir, With Love: Author's Preoccupation with the Moral Self

Topics: Race, Education, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: December 25, 2012
I would like to speak about the extract of the book «To sir ,with love» by well-known writer Edward Ricardo Braithwaite. He is a Guyanese novelist, writer, teacher, and diplomat, best known for his stories of social conditions and racial discrimination against black people. He was born in 1912 in Georgetown, Guyana. Braithwaite had a privileged beginning in life: both of his parents went to Oxford University and he describes growing up with education, achievement, and parental pride surrounding him. He attended Queen's College, Guyana and then the City College of New York. After the war, like many other ethnic minorities, despite his extensive training, Braithwaite could not find work in his field and, disillusioned, reluctantly took up a job as a schoolteacher in the East End of London. The book To Sir, With Love was based on his experiences there. His version of events at the school is contested by a former pupil, in Alfred Gardner's autobiography An East End Story. While writing his book about the school, Braithwaite turned to social work and it became his job to find foster homes for non-white children for the London County Council. His experiences resulted in his second novel Paid Servant. Braithwaite's numerous writings have primarily dealt with the difficulties of being an educated black man, a black social worker, a black teacher, and simply a human being in inhumane circumstances. His best known book, To Sir, With Love, was made into a film of the same name starring Sidney Poitier. Also are known such novels: «Paid Servant» and «Choice of Straws. The problem addressed in the story is actual nowadays. It is children’s misbehaviour, their unwillingness to study. It examines the growth of the relationship between student and teacher through personal understanding of each other, which is the inspirational foundation of their education. The story reflects the author's preoccupation with the moral self.
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