Brain drain

Topics: Poverty, United States, Brain drain Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: December 30, 2013
 Brain drain: an alarming issue in Pakistan The crux of recession in a country lies when its denizens abandon their country for self-interest, fame, and money. This phenomenon, brain-drain, is considerable in Pakistan. Developing countries like Pakistan are at the apogee of this quandary. Denizens of such countries portray themselves as self-conceited, arrogant and pompous when they give their human capital to other countries after procuring a balance arsenal within themselves. A person, when enters pragmatic life, probes to figure out launching pads from where one enables oneself to be breadwinner, independent, and proactive in making ad hoc decisions. Maximum proportion of doctors, engineers, jurists, and lawyers has opted for a venture by leaving their own country. This human capital-brain drain- do not even spit on their country, which gifted them with the basic knowledge of human’s psyche when they achieve their desired position. Among dozens of setbacks for poor economic condition in Pakistan brain drain is very phenomenal, but the government of Pakistan is trying to retrench it by creating more job vacancies and opportunities. People of Pakistan are in intense adversity and poverty; they are deprived from basic needs i-e education, food, and shelter. On such grounds people get frustrated and vexed from the way of governance in Pakistan. In Pakistan, it is scrutinized that the riches are getting richer and poor are getting poorer, though it is amazing but in reality it is deteriorating for the middle class families who barely get two times meal in a day. Rich students, after getting their degrees in graduation and post-graduation, opt to work in a developed country like America merely for money. What if the professionals get less money but still lead a happier life in their home country? What if the professionals give one extra hour just for development of their own country? What if the professionals work for...
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