Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Essay

Topics: Jews, Judaism, Persian Jews Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: August 25, 2013
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
1. My reaction to the boy in the striped pyjamas was that it made me feel a little scared about the future because something like this may happen again. I liked all the messages in the story that were inferred to the reader. Some of these were messages about how horrific it must have been for the Jewish people. Other messages implied that the Jews are still human and are really no different apart from their beliefs. My emotions changed by making me think differently about how bad discrimination can be and how the effects of it can be devastating. This novel really made me think about how bad discrimination can be especially when it involves senseless slaughter and mass murder. A part of the novel that I appreciated would have been how Bruno and Shmuel (the Jewish boy) became best friends even though they were so different, but also so much the same. 6. The way Bruno’s father says the people outside their house aren’t really people at all clearly proves the disgust his father shows towards the Jews. It demonstrates his discrimination over the Jewish people and makes Bruno think about Out-With in a different way. Bruno knows that his father is a good man but it remains unusual to him about what he really does. “My dad's a soldier, but not the sort that takes people's clothes away.” – Bruno. This quote shows that Bruno knows his father is a soldier but he still believes that his father is not the sort to do terrible things. Bruno is curious to know what is happening but whenever he asks he never gets a clear answer. This is probably because he is too young to understand the true horror of the situation so he resorts to a much simpler and childish reason. As an example, in the book there are many times where he sees the people over the fence being shouted at and sent away in groups so Bruno come up with the idea that they are doing jobs and earning money to feed their families. Bruno is never told what is going on...
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