Bossini New Ethical Line
Topics: Clothing, Sustainability, Fair trade, Fashion, Cotton, Business ethics / Pages: 5 (1085 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2013

Bossini New Ethical Line

Actually the apparel industry has specific negative impacts on the environment through all the stages of the apparel product life cycle, from fiber growth and manufacturing, fabric dyeing and painting, final product transportation to store and selling, even to the end of the garment life disposal (Gam and Banning 2011). Furthermore, Shen et al. (2012) also noted that the apparel manufactures are often accused of discharging toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds into the environment. The chemicals are being discharge at an increasing rate that due to the rising demand for the synthetic fibers used in the apparel production process and the chemicals fertilizers and pesticides applied in planting cotton that pollute the ecosystem, which also harms the humans.

On the other hand, more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in the environment, ethical and social impacts of the products and service they purchase and the social responsibility credentials of the business from which they buy in daily life (Auger et al. 2010). Also, Wang and Tung (2012) showed that with increasing concerns regarding dwindling natural resources and protecting the environment, people have begun considering their consumption behavior more. This phenomenon has brought gradual changes in consumer behavior and consumers are paying more attention to ethical products that cause the ethical industry is prospering. Because the ethical industry emphasizers environmental production that the damages it causes to the environment and social are relatively lower.

Focusing on the apparel consumers, Kim and Damhorst (1998) pointed out that the clothing consumers, who have traditionally been influenced by attributes such as fashionability, style and price, are increasingly taking account of clothing’s ethical attributes when make the decision of what to buy. Some of the clothing consumers are beginning to question the impact and

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