Bose Corporation

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Bose Case- Supplier Relationship Management

Bose Corporation, created by Amar Bose and Sherwin Greenblatt is a successful high-fidelity sound corporation, which competes on quality. Their motto and mission both represent their focus on quality by stating, “Better Sound Through Research,” and “providing outstanding sound experience to everyone in the whole world.” By 1990, Bose was a $720 million company and still committed to their quality of speakers and sound equipment. The production process is extremely important, Bose speakers had to have absolutely no defects, not even a tiny spec of dirt. Bose Corporation demand is trend. In the early days, high-fidelity sound was only should in specialty boutique audio stores for audio enthusiasts, however, demand has grown into a trend and customers are demanding hassle-free sound systems with integrated audio systems and portable audio equipment. Corresponding with trend is assembly line production strategy, which Bose uses. Bose tries to produce most of the components used in their audio equipment in manufacturing plants in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. At the manufacturing plant in the US, Bose assembles finished speakers as well as at the Ireland manufacturing plant. The plant in Canada focuses on producing wooden cabinets to support the speakers. In Canada, Bose has computer controlled machining centers for the woodworking. The various components for Bose speakers are created on assembly lines as well as putting the final product together. Bose originally distributed exclusively to high-end specialty stores using PWC, however, they added new channels including Circuit City, Sears, and Montgomery Ward. They also distribute to car manufacturers for stereos to be put into cars. By distributing to large car corporations and huge distributers such as Circuit City and Sears, Bose is distributing more on the PWDC. However, they recently opened up products to be sold online and by direct...
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