Topics: Pregnancy, Profanity, Abortion Pages: 4 (711 words) Published: February 25, 2014
-emotional problems
-health problems
-it is murder
-pro life and pro choice
-girls don't know any other options
-countries that support abortion

regnancy and delivery vs abortion (and how much of a difference there is once you start talking about whether or not the person has insurance, access to places like Planned Parenthood, etc.)

Things that lead to unintended pregnancy: Such as abstainance only education, laws that restrict who can get birth control and prices, coerced pregnancy. I think the last one might be an interesting one to do because it's kind of something new that's being talked about.

How to make other options beside abortion more viable for those who can't keep their children but don't want an abortion: Such as straightening out foster care.
Or education and support for parents of children with disabilities and disorders. Cheaper daycares.
Better qualiety food for poor families.
Better education.

What happens in countries that don't support abortion. What has happened in the past in the U.S when abortion was illegal.

How those who become pregnate loose rights when what is inside of them gain rights.

What has happened so far in the GOP's persuit to give a fetus personhood. They've tried to redifine rape.
They've made it legal for doctors to lie to their patients about unhealthy pregnancies. They've tried to make it so doctors have to lie about the risks of abortion. They are trying to say that kissing and holding hands are gateway sex activities.

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