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Economic Cooperation Organization


Economic Cooperation Organization
Economic Cooperation Organization
Motto: "Sustainable socio-economic development for people of the region"

Member states of the ECO

Headquarters Official language Type Membership Leaders  -  Secretary General Establishment Area  -  Total

Tehran, Iran English Cooperation 10 member states

Shamil Aleskerov 1985

7,937,197 km 3.06457e+06 sq mi  Population


 -   - 

2010 estimate Density

416,046,863 651/km2 1,686.1/sq mi 2010 (IMF) estimate

GDP (PPP)  -   -  Total Per capita Website
http:/ / www. ecosecretariat. org

$2,697,037 million $6,483

The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is an intergovernmental organization involving seven Asian and three Eurasian nations, part of the South-central Asian Union. It provides a platform to discuss ways to improve development and promote trade, and investment opportunities. The ECO is an ad hoc organization under the United Nations Charter (Chap. VIII) [2]. The common objective is to establish a single market for goods and services, much like the European Union.[3] ECO's secretariat and cultural department are located in Tehran, its economic bureau is in Turkey and its scientific bureau is situated in Pakistan. The organization's population is 416,046,863 and the area is 8,620,697 km².[4] The organization was founded by Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. ECI's Charter was signed on 15 March 1995 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Economic Cooperation Organization


History and role
Economic Cooperation Organization is an intergovernmental regional organization established in 1985 by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey for the purpose of promoting economic, technical and cultural cooperation among the member states. It was the successor organisation of what was the Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD), founded in 1964, which ended activities in 1979. In the fall of 1992, the ECO expanded to include seven new members, namely Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.The date of the Organization’s expansion to its present strength, 28th November, is being observed as the ECO Day. The status and power of the ECO is growing. However, the organization faces many challenges. Most importantly, the member states are lacking appropriate infrastructure and institutions which the Organization is primarily seeking to develop, to make full use of the available resources in the region and provide sustainable development for the member nations. The Economic Cooperation Organisation Trade Agreement (ECOTA) was signed on 17 July 2003 in Islamabad.[5] ECO Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) is a new organization for trade promotion among member states located in Iran (2009).[6] Under the agreement reached between ECO members, the common trade market should be established by 2015.[7]

Member states
Official Name Capital Area (km²) Population Density GDP (2010) (per (2010)(nominal)[8] km²) Currency Official GDP languages (2010) (per [9] capita) $956 Afghani Eastern Persian, Pashto

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Republic of Azerbaijan Islamic Republic of Iran Republic of Kazakhstan Kyrgyz Republic Islamic Republic of Pakistan Republic of Tajikistan Republic of Turkey Turkmenistan Republic of Uzbekistan Turkish Cypriot State (Observer)





$18,181 million

Baku Tehran Astana Bishkek Islamabad

86,600 1,648,195 2,724,900 199,900

9,040,000 75,350,000 15,584,000 5,444,000

104 46 6 27 207

$62,321 million $359,970 million $126,346 million $5,122 million $177,901 million

$10,782 $4,777 $8,107 $940 $1,068

Manat Azerbaijani Rial Tenge Som Rupee Persian Kazakh, Russian Kyrgyz, Russian Urdu, English Tajik Turkish Turkmen Uzbek Turkish

803,940 166,578,000

Dushanbe Ankara Ashgabat Tashkent North Nicosia

143,100 783,562 488,100 447,400 3,355

6,536,000 71,428,000 5,439,000 28,246,000 294,906...
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