Books, Television and Films

Topics: Remote control, Film, Communication Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Books, TV, Films…
There are myriad of media types for information communication nowadays. Comparing with a traditional media, such as books, TV and film are more up-to-date media means. However, all of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. Ancient people of different countries used dried palm leaves, silk, stones, papyrus to write texts and transmit them. Therefore, books linked to humans’ desire to create long lasting records and since they played very essential role in human’s life. They not only bring us information on different fields, but also teach us how to think independently. I can hardly imagine, if how we could transfer our culture heritage without having and reading books. Books are also very convenient to carry with you anywhere you wish. But there are some disadvantages related books. So, we may get bored after reading too much, as they includes no sound or visual information which is very appealing especially for children nowadays. They could hardly focus on books for hours and prefer searching and learning via Internet. Besides, capacity of books is limited, so we have to read multitude of books to make profound research. From the beginning of the XX century television and films have been more stimulating ways for transmitting and receiving monochrome and colored moving images and information. If they hadn’t been invented, we would lose so much fun and joy. TV has so many advantages, as we can get daily news, reports, information on all walks of life while watching it. Furthermore, after the invention of remote control system, TV was a crucial part of passive recreation. Films also have some benefits, as they have much popularity in current society and bring us more fantastic vision and audio effects enjoy. But everything has two sides, so after a while we may get addicted to TVs or films and lose so much time. They may also distract us, especially pupils and students from studying properly and even sometimes impact in a bad way. In...
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