Bookmaster Case Sudy
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Bookmaster Case Study
Operations Management BSAD 311
The Bookmaster case study is about one customer’s journey going to the Bookmaster store to buy a hard copy book. After a frustrating 25 min ordeal just to get to the store to purchase his book, he finds out that the two copies they said they have on the shelf are not there. The customer relations associate (CRA) finds that there is one copy at another store 15 miles away that he could go pick, or she could order it and he could pick it up at this store in two days. The customer didn’t want to drive the 15 miles, so he started to leave the store in frustration. The CRA suggested that another alternative is that, since the book comes in digital form, he could save $19.95 and he could down load it to a computer, Kindle or iPad. I will look at the value chain process for printed books and for eBooks and how they make their money. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each CITATION Col12 \l 1033 (Collier & Evans, 2013,2012).
Process of Value Chain The process in which printed books are made is first you have an author that writes the book. The author has a literary agent that represent him, then he goes to the publisher who edits, produces, markets, and distributes the book to be sold in retail stores to be available for the customer to purchase. There is a contract between the author and the publisher. The publisher pays the author and gets a percentage of the sales from the retail outlets. The author pays his agent a percentage of sales also. To keep customers engage with the author, the publisher has their own website and usually the author maintains his own website, such as face book and twitter. (See attached diagram) With the new technology of today eBooks have become very popular. Most printed book publishers also handle eBook technology. The value chain process is almost the same as hard back books; except with eBooks there is no offset printing to be done or

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