book review on enduring love

Topics: John Keats, Hot air balloon, Protagonist Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: December 6, 2013
Book review: Enduring love, by Ian McEwen
The basic story line to the book is all about a man who experiences a ballooning accident where he and a group of other guys try to pull down a balloon that has a boy in, which is the captain of the air balloons they are all holding it down trying to get the kid out but a strong gust of wind blows the balloon up and the four guys still holding on are pulled up with it but before it gets too high three of the four jump off to safety which intern leaves one guy called Logan hanging on to the rope after a couple of minutes Logan looses his grip and slips to the very end of the rope...for a split second he continues to hold on but finally again his grip goes and he drops to his death in front of this crowd of people. After the incident the main character for the rest of the book is just left with this over riding feeling of guilt, but also deeper there was a man at the accident who comes away with almost post traumatic stress and as an onlooker as the reader you experience him become uncontrollably obsessed with the main character in the book and by the end of the book Jed whom is obsessed causes Joe and cassia his girlfriend to split up simply by getting in to Joes head through the couple of letters he sends him. The book takes in the story several months to get the middle of the plot but the book passes within a year. To me what happened in terms of the accident is unusual as you don’t here hot air balloon accidents everyday and the after events I’m sure happen but don’t come to light as this one did for example the fact Jed stalked Joe so relentlessly for that period of time so openly is never talked about let alone written in a book! The storyline right from the begging grips you as it opens with the main character acting as a narrator talking through the day when he had a role to play in the loss of life and a freak accident caused it!! Characters:

Real main characters in the book for me are:...
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