Book Report on Leonardo Da Vinci (Notes)

Topics: Painting, Human anatomy, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: April 26, 2007
Biography Project

1.The drawing of a man in a circle of mirrors- This is a self portrait Da Vinci created, and below the portrait it is signed with: Leonardus Vincius, along with a notation: "portrait of himself in fairly old age". This is an extremely old yet famous painting which it is rarely exhibited in public, and is stored away from air and light, that could easily damage this ancient work of art. Unlike most of Da Vinci's art, this piece seems to hold a more psychological/internal meaning.

2.Spilled paints- When making portraits or other elaborate paintings, Leonardo would often mix paints and different chemicals together to experiment and see if he could find any ways to better his artwork.

3.Human Skeletons- Da Vinci also studied human anatomy, and made several autopsies and dissections to further expand his knowledge of the human body and its workings.

4.Cat and sketch of bird- When he was not busy with his anatomy studies, Da Vinci would often study the movements of animals. Some of the animals he studied include: Cats, horses and particularly birds, in which he was most curious on how they preformed the act of flight.

5.Buildings- Leonardo was often called upon to work as an architecture, and he designed a handful of large buildings and monuments for Italy.

6.Battle Map- Apart from designing many different maps, Da Vinci was called on many times by rulers, colonels, and military officials to help plan strategies against the enemy. Leonardo not only helped plan defense and attacks, but designed many of the very weapons and moving assault vehicles they used in the war. Leonardo designed the first tanks, along with their engines and movement capabilities.

"To lose ones sight is to be deprived of the beauty of the universe, and to be like a man buried alive in a tomb… Do you not see that the eye embraces the beauty of the entire world?"...
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