Book Report Leadership Energy (E=Mc2): a High Velocity Formula to Energize Your Team, Customers and Profits.

Topics: Albert Einstein, Energy, Management Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Book Report
Leadership Energy (E=mc2): A High Velocity Formula to Energize Your Team, Customers and Profits. David Cottrell. Dallas: Corner Stone Leadership Institute, 2008. 112 pp.

Albert Einstein is famous with his equation E=mc2. That is a revolution in science, and now, Cottrell wanted to base on that to make another revolution in finding a key equation, unlock secrets of successful leadership for a successful organization. Leadership Energy is also E=mc2. “E represents your organization’s energy; M for mass or the people within your organization; C2 for leadership energy and its multiplier effect on your organization.” Cottrell has tried to put complicated ideas of a process to make successful organization into orders of simple principles which can be applied in everyday situations. This is an easy – to – read book. However, it does not mean the content is easy to guest and it is not worth reading. In fact, all of the cases that Cottrell mentioned are all significant ones of what an energized organization looks and feels like, and there are always something could be learned. He identifies five key “The conductors of Leadership Energy: synchronization, speed, communication customer focus and integrity.” If these are applied and followed, they will not only turn your organization around with positive energy, but also show a leader how to maintain this energy. Chapter one is a comparison between the famous Albert Einstein’s equation and the Leadership Energy’s equation. It is a little bit unclear and creating curiosity, but everything will be answer and become much clearer from chapter 2 on. I really like chapter 6, communication conductor, because to me, communication is the key. It could be the most important one. In my personal experience, I work at couple of different places, but only at one place that I really felt the energy to go to work, and happy with it. My manager is a great person, he always goes to talk to employees, smile a lot, and he does...
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