Book Report: Green Angel

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Letter of Encouragement

Dear Readers,
As I read the story of the Green Angel, I learned that having a painful past is so hard to face. Whenever someone’s asking you to tell him or her about your past you’re always keeping quite. In the story, green never tell her past until she found out that she was in love with diamond. The guy who changed her and to encourage her to tell the real story behind her past. The story of the Green Angel is full of love and the characters are full of symbolism, this fairy tale will especially appeal to teen girls and would make a fine read aloud. The story is full of moral lesson and it will give you inspiration. To encourage you not to keep the pain in your past because it is not the solution to your problem. I suggest that we must follow what green have done to free her pains. I hope you will read the story of the Green Angel because it is beautiful and full imaginations.


Facts about the book

Green Angel

Alice Hoffman
Born March 16, 1952. An American novelist and young adult and children’s writer, best known for her 16 novel practical magic which was adopted for a 1998 film of the same name. Her 2000 novel river king was made into a aquamarine (film) staring Joana “Jojo” Levesque, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Paxton. Many of her works fall into the genre of magical realism and contain element of magic, irony and non-standard romances and relationship.

Alice Hoffman is the author of numerous acclaimed and best-selling novels, which have been published in more than 20 languages.

Scholastic Paperbacks

Date of Publication:
October 2003

Number of Pages:
116 Pages

Green is a quiet, pretty, and shy 15-year-old girl, who is approaching her 16th birthday. She lives with her mother, father, and sister. Aurora, in a house on the farm or garden near the city. While her sister is wild, careless, and impatient, Green is shy (often not talking to people outside of her family), and has the infinite patience required to tend to the family garden. After mastering the art of tending the garden, she becomes the garden’s main caretaker. One day, her family goes to a nearby city to sell produce, leaving Green behind to pull the weeds. While in town, her family perishes in the city as a result of a conflagration supposedly let off by some of the city's residents for unknown reasons. Many of the people in the city that day die, leaving many orphans Green's age. Ashes from the fire blind Green and singe her hair, forcing Green to cut her hair off. Green, deeply hurt, changes her appearance and personality and names herself Ash as she decides to destroy all her past to conceal the pain she is suffering. To conceal her internal pain, she tattoos almost her entire body as the story progresses. She continues to suffer but grows indifferent toward her pain. Over time, through interactions with several kinds of animals, a boy she calls Diamond and a kind, old neighbor, Green starts to heal. She finds her leaf and stem tattoos turning green and rosebuds turning red. Finally, on her 16th-birthday, she is no longer Ash, as she once used to be, but is once again Green. Now, after her recovery, she is strong enough to tell her family’s tragic story.

Green The protagonist (after the fire and before healing, she refers to herself as Ash). Green has long dark hair and describes herself as preferring plants to people. She tends to the family garden and knows the medical uses for many plants. As Ash she cuts off her hair and wears a scarf of thorns, a heavy jacket, and her father's nail-studded boots. Also, she often tattoos herself with needles and ink. Eventually her entire body is covered in...
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