Bombs Bursting in the Air

Topics: Bomb, Love, Hanif Kureishi Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Cassie Jones
Carol Ford, Eng. 101
March 13, 2013

Response Chapter 12 :Bombs Bursting in The Air
Questions on Close Reading
1. The main idea that Johnson states is her outlook on life.She talks about how being a young child with misfortunes that occur are routine. But once your mature they exist and we learn to accept them, live life fully, experience pain along with joy.

2.Johnson was just talking about a little girl's diagnostics of having cancer, having that at such a young age can affect people around you. Some might cling to their own daughters in fear and cautiousness that if they are there their daughters health will stay well. But having a daughter by your side is something every mother should cherish.

3.The family response to Shannon's diagnostics were mostly positive. Maddie wanted to send a gift, as well as the mother bring hope and positivity. Sam being a teen, expresses torridness, asking if she will be okay. But all in all they were not negative responses.

4.The three ways Johnson describes how we deal with “bombs” in paragraph 13 are in the beginning of the paragraph. “The price or allowing ourselves to truly live, to love, and be loved, is (and it's the ultimate irony) the knowledge that the greater our investment in life, the larger the target we create. Of course, it is within the power to refuse friendships, shrink from love, live in isolation, and thus create ourselves a nearly impenetrable bomb shelter. There are those among us who choose such an existence, the price of intimacy being to high.” 5.Define Words

1.Shrapnel- shell fragments
2.Faze- to disturb someone.
3. Impenetrable- incapable of being penetrated.
4.Cocooned-any protective or hermetic wrapping or enclosure resembling a cocoon. 5. Tremors- involuntary shaking of the body
6.Incantations- chanting or uttering words purporting to have magical power.
7.Vulnerable- something capable of being wounded.
8.Intertwining- to twine together....
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