Bodegas Caballé

Topics: Poland, Central Europe, Germany Pages: 5 (1402 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Dear Mr. Caballé,
Dear Bodegas Caballé Selection Committee,

First we would like to thank you very much for your assignment and your trust in us as newcomers in your company.

We read both your commissioning letter to the Polish recruiting company and the reports of the pre-selected candidates with great interest. After an extensive analysis we agreed on some general criteria to base our decisions about the most suitable applicant for your company on. The criteria are as follows: Language, mobility, sales experience, salary, reliability, previous business experience and additional skills.

Language: Since the company plans to establish itself on the polish market, decent polish language skills are of great importance. Being the sales representative for the whole central Europe, fluent French and English are preferable as well.

Mobility: The origin for the market presence in central Europe is to be Poland, therefore the candidate of choice needs to be willing to move there.

Sales experience: Due to the fact that Bodegas Caballé has had troubles with too well educated business professionals the focus should be based on previous work, rather than education. Also, these being new and foreign markets, the sales representative need great knowledge and flexibility as it could only be gained by years of experience in the field, in order to adapt.

Salary: This might be a minor, but not dispensable topic, since the management of Bodegas Caballé Has provided a range of 45.000$ to 60.000$, which should not be exceeded.

Reliability: The applicant of choice will be responsible for the whole central European marked, and bears great responsibility. This makes a highly reliable person desirable.

Previous business contacts: As discussed und sales experience Bodegas Caballé Tries to attain a new market. Having previous business contacts in the trade eases the start up significantly.

Additional skills: Every applicant comes with some unique abilities and backgrounds. This criterion provides a basis to factor those into the decisions making process.

Candidate number 1: Stanislaw Michalski
Mr. Michalski is an experienced man at the age of 51. As an employee of the French Intersection hypermarket chain he has gained much experience in various departments and functions of retailing. This is an important advantage since we want to enter French and German hypermarket chains in Poland. Him currently being head buyer of wines and spirits, he already possesses a great knowledge of our segment. Mr. Michalski has been promoted without an academic background and seems to have followed the principle “learning by doing”. He has worked his way through different challenges and has taken adult education classes in languages and marketing. We are sure that his lack of professional education is rather a positive than a negative aspect since our company finds it difficult to fit in candidates with professional management backgrounds. Mr. Michalski also fulfils the criteria of loyality and family values. He has worked his whole career for the same company. One of the most important reasons he wants to leave his current employer is the love of his polish wife, who wants to move back to Poland. This is exactly the country our company wishes to enter first. With that respect it will be very helpful that he is an excellent networker and familiar with the Polish culture. The languages aspect shows room for improvement. Mr. Michalski speaks French natively, decent Polish (with strong French accent) and some English. When he is prepared to invest in the improvement of Polish and English he will be an ideal candidate for our company to contribute to the goals set for Central Europe. Remuneration will probably not be a huge obstacle since his expectations, except a company car, are within our range.

Candidate number 2: Boleslaw Piasecki
Mr. Piasecki is 39 years old and already lives in our first target market...
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