How to Write Selection Criteria

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How to write selection criteria
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Selection criteria are statements that describe the qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that are required in a job. When you are asked to respond to selection criteria, you are being asked to describe how you meet the requirements of the job, providing examples. Types of criteria

The kind of responses you will write for selection criteria will depend on the kind of job you are applying for. Different employers will ask different kinds of questions. Selection criteria are commonly used in government and university recruitment exercises.

Some employers will focus on your qualifications or your work skills. Others will be experience-based, and will ask you how you have responded to specific situations. For example, you may simply be asked if you have attained a specific qualification or if you have a licence for a certain kind of vehicle. Or you could be asked to explain how you have met deadlines and prioritised tasks, how you have dealt with difficult people, or how you have demonstrated leadership.

For examples, see the University of Western Australia's guide on 'The written application' in our Related Links. In many job applications, written selection criteria are broken down into 'essential' and 'desirable' qualities. You must be able to demonstrate the essential qualities to be considered for the position.  If you can also demonstrate the desirable qualities, this will strengthen your application. Keep your answers focused and clearly written 

Your aim should be to show how, through your workplace skills and experiences, you have been able to successfully handle key situations similar to those which you will be likely to face in your job. Using specific examples is a good idea. Remember that you are highlighting your qualities by relating a purpose-driven story. You need to supply enough detail to be clear, but it is essential that you keep focused on answering the specific...
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