boboli garden

Topics: Florence, Boboli Gardens, Obelisk Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: October 12, 2013

Boboli Gardens
As I step into the famous Boboli Gardens, an aura of grandness and mother nature surrounds me. The beautiful designing and maneuvering of nature and greens into gorgeous artworks and masterpieces fills my wandering eyes. I have never seen such creativity injected into nature as such. I feel closer connected to nature than ever. However, the most eye-catching and interesting area was the Amphitheatre.

I personally love spacious and expansive areas with many features of nature filled in, so the amphitheater was the perfect choice for writing about. You can tell at first sight that the garden is not naturally in this state, but cared for and nurtured to this shape and beauty. It is completely flat and on the left you can see the entire Florence and the beauty fills all my senses. I personally already love city views and the whole of Florence right before my eyes was so gorgeous to me. It personally relates to me because I am from Los Angeles where city scapes such as this are everywhere and I have fallen in love with them. To see a different city in a similar perspective was absolutely fascinating. I went to this at night and saw many tiny lights of each home flickering on and off. This was very significant for me because I like to view every single small light throughout the city as a family. If you see it in this perspective, you feel a sense of warmth throughout yourself and happiness as there are so many sweet homes throughout the city. Right next to the Pitti Palace is the amphitheater of the Boboli Garden. This place was originally the area that was utilized to supply stones for construction of the Pitti Palace. Many classical statues and urns are put inside of the many areas of the amphitheater to decorate it. The most curios arousing part of the Egyptian obelisk which was located at the middle of the amphitheater. The history behind it is that the creator is Ramesses II and was not first built here, but carried here from Rome. Another...
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