Informative Speech

Topics: Venice, Italy, St Mark's Basilica Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Informative Speech #12
September 26, 2012
General Purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To help my audience understand one of the most magical places on Earth, Venice, Italy. Thesis statement: Beauty is found all throughout the city of Venice. The experience is like being under an enchanted spell. Introduction:

I. The streets of Venice are filled with spectacular architectural designs, soaring bridges, talented artist, handcrafted jewelry & scarfs, and gondolas that float on the water like giant fallen leaves. A. Location of Venice

B. Transportation
C. Architecture
D. Venetian Glass
I. Location of Venice
A. Venice is located in the northern part of Italy.
B. There are around 60,000 people in the historic city of Venice. C. The buildings of Venice are constructed on closely spaced wooden piles. Most of these piles are still intact after centuries of submersion.

II. Transportation
A. Venice is built entirely upon water. Its streets are really wide canals that run throughout the city. B. There are no vehicles and mode of transportation is by boat, water taxis, or gondolas. C. The Gondola is one of the most well-known and romantic images portraying Venice. It is the most famous Venetian vessel and also considered the most elegant means of transportation.

III. Architecture
A. St. Mark’s square is the center of life in Venice. It’s a popular meeting place where people can stroll, listen to music, browse in the shops in the plaza, or feed the great number of pigeons in the square. B. El Campanario is the bell tower of St. Marco Square. This bell tower is actually a copy of the original bell tower which collapsed in 1902. C. The St. Marks Basilica, also known as the “Church of Gold”. This masterpiece is of Byzantine architecture and was built in 830 A.D. It was originally a chapel for the leaders of Venice. The basilica contains magnificent mosaics and represents...

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