Bo Jackson Speech

Topics: Graduation, Language, Visual perception Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Bo Jackson speech on “get outside of the box, Makes things happen, be your own person.” The context Bo uses is he talks about his struggle growing up and how he got out of his comfort zone and overcame this problem. Bo also uses the method Extemporaneous to give his speech, he has a brief outline and he has taken time to go over his speech. While analyzing this speech my purpose is to watch Bo and his physical and vocalization in his speech. While giving Bo’s speech in the beginning he had very poor eye sight, he was limited with his eye sight because he was reading off of his paper. Bo did get better as his speech went on and he eventually stopped looking at his paper. He also was fair when it came to gestures, but his poster was great. Bo’s appearance is good he is clean cut and wearing what everyone else is at the graduation. At times Bo showed no facial. He did not have and visual aids other than put an image in your head and making you think you can achieve your goal. Bo did not lack energy he had the crowd involved with his entire speech, and he had no problems with his microphone. One thing Bo did lack is his vocal delivery; at times his voice would get scratchy and be had to hear. His voice was monotone at times, but he managed to work some energy into his voice. In the beginning of the speech he took a few vocalized pauses and at the end it was hard to understand him for about ten seconds. Bo’s speaking volume was good I would say he was normal at about 140 wpm and he messed on one or two words. His articulation was good he made sense and was always on topic with his speech and he did not have any articulation errors. Bo did a great job on the beginning and ending on his word pronunciation. I did not notice any dialect, he did not miss pronounce anything so bad it made everything hard to understand. Bo’s speech was not choppy nor was it smooth. Bo made a few mistakes early on in his speech but he made up for them at the end. He was reading off of his...
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