Bluetooth Mobile Based Colloege Campus

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With the advance in time and technology there is a need for faster dissemination of information. Connected, personalized, intelligent information appliances are becoming increasingly important in our business and private lives. These appliances include devices such as cell phones, two-way pagers, personal organizers, screen phones, and POS terminals. In a real world scenario, such as college campus, information in the form of notices, hand-written manuals, oral communication, is spread among the students. Today it is imperative to not only use the traditional forms of communication, but also newer forms such as mobile technology, for quicker and easier communication among the students. Our project consists of the following SMS-enabled applications: Polling, complaints and suggestions, notices from the placement cell regarding the recruitment process, querying for the information about projects and seminars, alerts such as -library due dates- shortage of attendance-due dates for payment of fees, student-alumni interaction, student information system.

Using SMS for the above mentioned applications, proves to be a cost-effective, quicker, all-time available and an easier means of communication.

System Overview

Our project involves developing an enterprise package for an educational institution, consisting of the following SMS-enabled applications:-

• Polling
▪ Poll to students
Polling is a process where in the college management poses a question for public opinion, which is then forwarded to the registered students by the server. The server then awaits responses from them and after a certain period of time the responses are processed and a formatted output is sent to the college management.

• Complaints and suggestions
The student can lodge complaints/suggestions about a particular subject, such as, staff, campus, library, canteen etc to the authority incharge using their mobile. The server stores the complaints/suggestions in the addressee’s inbox on the server. After a certain number of messages the server mails the complaints/suggestions to the addressee’s mailbox and sends an alert as an SMS.

• Student-Alumni Interaction
Students can query the server for alumni information by specifying either the company name or and year of passing out through his mobile. Based on the search criteria, the list of alumni names is displayed. The student can get further information about the alumni on request.

• Student Information
Students can query the server for student information by specifying the student name, department, semester through his mobile. List of student names is displayed. Further information about the student can be obtained on request.

• Placement Cell:
▪ Recruitment notices
Recruitment notices consist of the number of students who have been placed for a particular company. After campus recruitment process the placement officer informs the server about the number of students placed. The server broadcasts the notice to students in the form of SMS. On request by the student, further details such as name and contact information is provided.

▪ General notices
These consist of general campus recruitment notices such as information regarding the recruiting company, campus interview date and other placement activities. The placement officer sends the notice to the students through the server.

• Project/Seminar Information
A student can query for project/seminar information based on topic, field or platform using his mobile. Based on the search criteria, the names of available project/seminars are displayed. On further request, information about the authors/participants is displayed.

Functional Requirements

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