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Objectives of the Study

The general objective of this study is to implement an SMS (Short Messaging Services) system for a college or learning institution to enable efficient and timely communication between the administration and other parties including students, faculty members, staff members, campus security, volunteers, alumni, media and others. Specifically, the following objectives will pursue;

1.To develop a system that performs the following:
1.1Can quickly alert students and staff with specific information to increase public safety no matter where they are – on and off campus/ college. 1.2 Students can make enquiries about class schedules, events for every year, grades and tuition fees and all relevant costs from wherever they are, and receive the replies automatically by texting using the appropriate keywords for each category they would like to enquire about class schedules, events, grades, etc. 1.3 Subscribers receive detailed information so they know exactly what is going on and can receive that information while on the move. 2. To test the effectiveness of the develop system.

2.1 reliability;
2.2 efficiency; and
2.3 accuracy



Part I. Respondent’s Profile
Direction: Kindly fill-up the space provided for and do not leave any items unanswered. Thank you for your valued cooperation.

Name: (optional) _______________________ Yr. and Course: _______________

Age: __________ Sex: __________

Civil Status: ____________

Part II. Implementing on SMS (Short Messaging Service) system for College of Arts and Sciences students including faculty members and Parents:

Direction: Below are the statements or indicators which stated the functionality of the system. Please check (√) the appropriate column corresponding to your agreement to the aforesaid indicators using the following scale.

5- Excellent
4- Very Satisfactory
3- Satisfactory
2- Poor
1-Very Poor
1.The system can make students easily inquire about any information related/pertaining to them. 2.The system is safe and reliable to use.3.The system can receive information and reply automatically. 4.The system is safe and secured in terms of security. 5.The system operates with least time and effort.
1.The system is efficient in prohibiting the entry of an unauthorized person. 2.The system is efficient in providing confidentiality to the data of the students. 3.The system runs smoothly and without error.

4.The system can quickly alert students with specific Information to increase public safety. 5.The system can easily access information on what is going on while on the go.

1.The system runs accurately according to its function. 2.The system can provide information on the schedule of classes, grades, tuition fees of students. 3.The system is accurate to its time in updating school activities. 4.The system is accurate in gathering pertinent activities. 5.The system is accurate in providing security and safety in the server.


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