Application of Mobiles and Tablets in Education

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Mobiles have made their way into the hands of every second person present on earth. They have become smaller, cheaper and more affordable than any other device. Used earlier mainly in the field of communications, these devices are been brought into the field of education for their use. Use of mobiles brings upon quite a large number of benefits affecting education in a major way. Mobiles can surely prove their use for education possibly be seen largely used in the world. Tablets are the new devices introduced to man. They have a large flexibility of use and presently are being used by a number of people for various types of functions. Educating students is the one place they are being used. Their flexibility of use with new emerging applications for them allows tablets to be used for educational purposes.


Mobiles have immensely changed the way people look at the world making communication easier. They have brought people closer making a world a very small place. Mobiles are now being tried in a very new field, the field of education. Communication techniques of the mobile being used to teach the students is an innovative method of education. This term paper aims at showing the use of mobiles for education. Tablets are the new product in market trying to replace laptops and notebooks. They are like a pda with the abilities of a laptop. One place where they find their recognition is in education where there potential is fully used from communication to storage and applications available.


The style of education is well known to everyone. The student comes in the class sits in one place, takes out a notebook and a pen and starts writing. This type of education is called formal education and clearly defined “the structured educational system provided by the state for children”. This type of education is done in a proper infrastructural place within fixed time hours and possible only when a particular number of teaching and administrative staff is present.

The non-mobile education carries with itself some problems which are1- Existence of time constraints
This method of education is not flexible
Conducted at one specific location
Physical space required
A lack of collaboration
No or minimal personalization
Slower self assessment(No real time assessment)
Fear present in the student to express his or her views

In a developing country this type of education faces some serious problems particularly in India. India lacks the funding for opening up
these institutions of education in every place
and also due a very low number of people opting
for a career in the field of education
the staff is not present.


Mobile education sometimes also referred to as mlearning refers to learning that happens across locations, or that takes advantage of learning opportunities offered by portable technologies1. In other words mobile learning decreases limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices.

Technological progress continually creates new opportunities for creating, storing, and disseminating knowledge. One aspect is the utilization of new technologies for learning and teaching: e-learning. Recent endorsements in this sector were mobile devices, which can increase mobility, flexibility, and personalization compared to traditional, PC-based approaches. The term “elearning” was thus extended to “m-learning,” or “mobile education”3. The m-learning or the mobile education is being taken towards another technology the tablets. These are small and have the potential to work like a laptop making them apt for something like mobile education.

Mobile learning gets its roots in the history starting from the early 20th century. The first instance of mobile learning goes back as far as 1901 when Linguaphone released a series of...
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