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Bloom's Taxonomy and. Marzano's Taxonomy

By johnnysins99 May 11, 2014 296 Words
Urban Educator
Blooms Taxonomy Vs Marzano’s Taxonomy
The two taxonomies were created to address the issue of how students learn. The break down the learning process so we see how students can be more effective in the classroom. Bloom’s taxonomy was straightforward. It was created by Benjamin Bloom. It is constructed of six levels that break down learning. The levels include remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. According to this taxonomy, to reach the next level of learning, all the previous levels should have been mastered. So when a student can create, he/she has mastered the subject on all previous levels. Marzano’s taxonomy was created by Robert Marzano in 2000. It was created to address points that were missed by Bloom’s Taxonomy. In Marzano’s taxonomy, the main point is to address how students think. If you can change the way students think, you can change the way they learn as well. The three systems are broken down into self. Metacognitive, and cognitive system. The cognitive system is very similar to Bloom’s Taxonomy because they both contain recall, analysis/synthesis, etc. The main difference is that the Marzano’s taxonomy goes a bit deeper. It addresses a student’s self belief system including their emotions, importance of what they are learning, and efficacy. The metacognitive system address the strucuture/monitoring of the learning: hitting certain goals, watching for clarity/accuracy. I believe the Marzano’s taxonomy is more accurate for current students especially their self belief system. This is because our beliefs define us, so even if a student had all the proper stpes from the Bloom’s Taxonomy, if they don’t have the proper belief, they will still fail or at least not perform up to their potential.

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