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Topics: Marketing, Purchase order, Sales order Pages: 6 (934 words) Published: December 12, 2013
1.   Which of the following is the main reference document for a quotation: a. Customer inquiry
b. Sales order
c. Agreements
d. All of the above
Ans: All of the above
2. Which of the following organisational units make a sales area? a. sales organisation
b. distribution channel
c. sales office
d. shipping point
e. division

Ans: Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division

3.  what is not considered master data?
a. Work Center
b. Product Routing
c. Storage location
d. Bill of materials
Ans: Storage Location
4. which account that FI document and G/L accounts will updated a. a customer account
b. b sales revenue
c. c packing list
d. d customer's order
e. e both a and b

Ans: Both a and b

5. which option comes under billing part.
a. procurment.
b. create inovoice.
c. goods maintainance.
d. rawmaterial.
Ans: Create Invoice
6. What Division is used for?
a. Different pricing, responsibilities, statistics, plants
b. Wholesale sales,  retail sales, internet sales
c. Differentiate distribution strategies or approaches
Ans: Differentiate distribution strategies or approaches
7. Which of the following is NOT part of inventory sourcing? a. Availabilty check
b. Credit check
c. Bavkwad scheduling.
Ans: Credit Check
8. Which one are the views relevant to the fulfillment process? a. Sales Area Data
b. Basic Data
c. Sales Organization Data
d. Sales Plan Data
Ans: Sales Area Data, Sales Organization Data, Sales Plan Data 9.  A customer cannot be served by multiple sales areas ?
a. True.
b. False.

Ans: False

10. what step in the fullfillment process comes immediately after shipping? a. Sales order processing
b. Billing
c. C.Payment
d. None of the above
Ans: Billing
11.  What is the specific Fulfillment reporting option?
a. Analytics.
b. Online Lists
c. Documant Flow.
d. Work Lists.
Ans: Document Flow
12. which of the following organisational units make a sales area? a. a.sales organisation
b. distribution channel
c. sales office
d. shipping point
e. division 
Ans: Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division
13.  which of the following is not included in pre-sales activity ? a. mailing campaigns.
b. quotations.
c. billing information
d. creating and tracking customer  contacts.
Ans: Billing Information
14. Sales plant data provide details on how the material will be shipped from that plant. a. Ture
b. False
Ans: True
15. Sales area is one category of which kind of data listed below: a. Organization data
b. Master data
c. Transaction data
Ans: Organization Data
16. A distribution chain is made of:
a. sales organization
b. distribution channel
c. division
Ans: Sales Organization and Distribution Channel

17. One delivery document can be converted into many transfer documents. a. True
b. False

Ans: True
18. When we talk about FI or account data we are talking about company code.  a. True 
b. False 
Ans: True
19. What is the relationship between the plant and distribution chain?? a. One-to-one
b. One-to-many
c. Many-to-many
Ans: One-to-many
20. Which one is NOT the unique organizational element of fulfillment process? a. Sales area
b. Shipping point
c. Credit control area
d. Storage location

Ans: Storage Location

21. What process results in the fulfillment of orders.
a. Cheese pancakes
b. blue rasberry smoothies
c. Fiduciary quantification
d. the fulfillment process.
22. A sale area can be assigned to only one ………?
a. company code
b. division
c. client
d. sale organization
Ans: Company Code
23. Sale Order is an internal document that contains information necessary to fill the customer order in a standardized form. a. True
b. False
Ans: True
24. Which of the following statements regarding division is NOT true? a. It is associated with product line.
b. It can be assigned to multiple sales organizations.
c. A product and...
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