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Blessed Demozel as Alove Poem

By awanasonam Apr 12, 2013 804 Words
Dante Gabriel Rossetti was only 18 when he wrote "The Blessed Damozel" in 1847. The poem The Blessed Damozel is one of Rossetti's most famous poems. . "The Blessed Damozel" is a beautiful Poem of how two lovers are separated by the death of the Damozel and how she wishes to enter paradise, but only if she can do so in the company of her beloved. Though different meanings have been concluded by different people, they all revolve around the same idea and themes. The theme of Rossetti's poem is on the basis of separated lovers being rejoined in heaven. His young vision of idealized love was very picturesque. Through the poem we understand the purity with which he views women. There are so many associations in the poem where the damozel has been likened to one of God's angels, who are virginal, pure and innocent. .

Love has always been a popular subject within literature. To document one of the strongest of human emotions is almost deemed a necessity for an artist. The medium of poetry has always been a popular means of expressing love for someone; thusly it was used for that purpose in The Victorian Age. Victorian poets used an assortment of techniques and styles to express love through their poetry. Many used pure originality in their narrations depicting love. The subject of ‘Love Poetry’ has given rise to some of the most beautiful and fascinating poetry. The poets illustrate their feelings, or the feelings of the people concerned with them through the use of figurative language. A love poem is not necessarily a poem about romantic love, about romance, marriage and commitment; it could be something else entirely. It seems to be Universal. Not all love poems deal with happy positive sides of love but there is also the negative sides such as pain, sadness and loss.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti expressed love in his poem "The Blessed Damozel." Instead of expressing love in a traditional way, he created a narrative in which a woman who has died, longs for her lover in heaven. This shows how deep Dante Gabriel Rossetti viewed the power of love. A woman had died and gone to paradise, yet she can't allow herself to enter the kingdom of heaven unless her husband was with her. Upon originally entering the kingdom of God, she sits and waits for him, looking down at earth "The blessed damozel leaned out from the gold bar of heaven.poem The Blessed Damozel imagines his deceased lover in heaven calling to him so that the two can be together. Perhaps the central theme of the poem is the contrast and tension between earthly, romantic love and heavenly love of God. The poem, though told in first person, does not convey the thoughts of the narrator in the conventional way. Rossetti assigns most of the poem to a soliloquy that the narrator imagines his "damozel" speaking. He imagines his lover saying: "There will I ask of Christ the Lord

Thus much for him and me: —
Only to live as once on earth
With love, — only to be,
As then awhile, for ever now
Together, I and he.

"The Blessed Damozel" also depicts the fact that Rossetti views love as something immortal. The fact that the woman is still concerned for her lover after death, displays the ideology that love is infinite. She is not happy while she is dead, because she is separated from the love of her life (even though she's in heaven). Her extensive sadness is illuminated through the fact that she is crying in heaven ("And laid her face between her hands, and wept. (I heard her tears.) What also displays the bond of love, is that her lover that she is missing while in heaven can hear her tears while he is alive on earth. This exemplifies Rossetti's view of an eternal love, not even hindered by the drastic powers of death.

The love exemplified in the piece is a Victorian love, one that is elegant and extremely important, so much so that the woman is putting God on hold for her humanist affairs. The love reigns high and she needs 'her man' with her before she can enter eternal piece inside of heaven. This lightly touches on the woman question, and shows the woman's complete devotion towards her husband. It also displays the importance the wife has on her husband, almost to a mutual degree.

Love was expressed in a variety of ways throughout the Victorian Age, yet the popularity of the concept of love relays its importance in human life. It is a key subject, covered and expressed differently (and similarly) amongst each poet. Whether it is through a true account , the true voice and impact that love has had on the poet seeps through each verse.

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