Bless Me Ultima Analysis

Topics: Cognition, Question, Idea Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Natalie N.
English II

Things Have Changed
(Bless Me Ultima Final Draft)
In Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima, Antonio doesn’t see much of a future in becoming a priest or a vaquero as he learns of new cultures and beliefs which contradict his parents’ choice of destiny. With Ultima’s guidance Antonio comes to terms of having an open mind and learns to live with both the new and old beliefs in harmony.

Antonio struggles with the thought of becoming a priest as he witnesses Lupitos last act of forgiveness. Antonio knows, “A priest could have saved Lupito.”(23) Antonio starts to ponder about the simple tasks that priest do are an enormous weight on their conscious. As Lupito asks for his forgiveness Antonio flees at the sight of such horrid horror as Lupito lays down in his deathbed. This starts a string of question as to why he should please his mother when he starts to become exposed to supernatural forces that contradict his beliefs. When people are exposed to new ideas they tend to judge and become hostile to accept them since they are used to their traditional beliefs and sends them in a state of confusion as to what they are used to is the correct belief . Ultima’s cure for his uncle causes more confusion in Antonio’s mind. As she cured his uncle Antonio wonders,” Why had the power of god failed to cure [his] uncle.”(107) Antonio’s long life belief of God having ultimate power over his creations is destroyed as soon as Ultima’s currandera skills lifts the curse and heals his uncle. This scene left Antonio with a lot of questions on his mind and questions the real power of God and his belief in Catholicism. Many wonder as to why something or someone does the equivalent as to what they believe is possible to happen and wonder if the new idea should be accepted as it contradicted the traditional idea. This new found revelation leaves Antonio flabbergasted and starting to accept Ultima’s guidance and lifestyle since she starts to provide Antonio...
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