Topics: Film director, Rhetoric, Logos, Ethos, Pathos, Eye / Pages: 2 (364 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2014

Real life Personification
Throughout the film Blackfish the filmmaker’s objective was to appeal to the audience’s senses and side with the killer whales. Incorporating ethos, logos, and pathos in the film through interviews and statistics helped spread this film and leave an impact on everybody who watched it. The film took an interesting approach to displaying how SeaWorld was trying to hide from the audience and the visitors to the parks around the world.
By showing clips of emotional kids and interviewing the visitors at the park when events went wrong during the show, it connects to the audience of the film. The lack of emotion that SeaWorld seemed to show towards the fatalities and injuries was also a key point in how SeaWorld has not gone about its business in the correct way. It seemed at the filmmakers made it a key point in the film to humanize the killer whales and show the audience that the inhumane conditions they were held in led to their violent measures and not the instincts they have of being an 8,000 pound sea creature. This humanizing caught the eye of viewers and appealed there emotion on the side of the whales and dislike towards the SeaWorld’s of the world.
Along with the strong emotional appeal that was made there were many statistics and actual facts that clearly went against all the arguments that SeaWorld was struggling to make to back themselves up. The many documents shown on the screen describing the horrible accidents and fatalities proved to retired trainers that there was no way it could have been the fault of the trainers in the water. The animal must have been fed up, hungry, or just distracted from being a part of that particular show. With this strong sense of lothos I think it is quite clear who the winner in the film being made was.
By humanizing the whales and using such strong ethos and logos the film Blackfish successfully opened the eyes to millions of viewers who were clueless about this situation and the fact that

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