Topics: Shark finning, Shark, Shark fin soup Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Majority of people would agree with the statement—shark is fierce man-eating animals. However, are the sharks really that cold blood in real world? In order to show the real face of the shark, Canadian biologist Rob Stewart made a film—“sharkwater”. In his film, he attempts to convince people that sharks are harmless to human, and he also explores the huge profits of shark fin industry caused overfishing of the sharks. In the most parts of the film, He is trying to protect sharks, and awaking people’s awareness of protecting sharks. This essay will discuss how author persuade readers that sharks should be protected by his emotional appeal, the evidences and personal credibility. Rob Stewart claims in the beginning of the film; “he loves ocean when he was a little, and the shark is his favorite animal on earth.” He hates that how people are impacted by the mass media. “Sharks are bad animal!” “Sharks are fierce animal!”-- These statements are delivering a message from the movie “Jaws”. Jaw might be the most successful movie in 1970s, but it also defines the stereotype of the sharks. In certain degree, the fear of sharks will turn to hate. People all have their sympathy on panda, and elephant, because they are described as lovely animals. How about sharks? Could you imagine that when people accuse you as a murderer, but you are not? The same situation likes the sharks; Sharks cannot defense for itself, and they can only suffer the misunderstanding made by human. Rumor would not be sufficient to eliminate any animal, but the profits would. The heart broken images in the film about how sharks are killed are overwhelming moment. Their fins are removed easily, and then their body is dumped back to ocean. The sharks without fins just like human lost function of breath. The camera captures an image that a helpless fin removed shark sink into the dark ocean lonely. How could fishermen kill those harmless sharks by such inhuman method? Author has...
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