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Blackbetty Phenyl is a good product in the category of household cleaners. It has a good smell and a thick liquid nature but if I compare it with Finis Phenyl which does not have a better smell than Blackbetty, although both are almost same in thick liquid nature. Finis phenyl has an attractive packaging then Blackbetty which makes it more interesting for consumers,but blackbetty cleans the households more effectively. * BLACKBETTY LIQUID INSECT KILLER VS MORTIEN INSECT KILLER

Blackbetty liquid insect killer and Mortein insect killer were found almost similar when I compared both of them using at home, but Mortein insect killer was more effective in killing insects than Blackbetty. Both products have similar packaging and Blackbetty was cheaper than Mortein. * DHAMAKA EXTRA POWDER TOILET CLEANER VS HARPIC TOILET CLEANER

Blackbetty Dhamaka toilet cleaner is as good as Harpic in cleaning the toilets; both the products are equally effective when it comes to killing the germs and making the household clean. Harpic has a smarter packaging as compared to Blackbetty Dhamaka extra powder. * BLACKBETTY BLEACH VS OPEN BLEACH

Blackbetty Bleach is far more better than open bleach when it comes to the brightening as well as cleaning, Blackbetty bleach has a light odor as compared to open bleach which makes it more likable. Packaging of Blackbetty bleach is more processed and convenient as compared to that to open bleach which comes in srcap pet bottles. * BLACK BETTY INSECT KILLING POWDER VS THE CAT

Both are almost same in performance, there is no big difference between Blackbetty Insect killing powder and The Cat insect powder.
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