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Amyria Neal
Career Journal
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Amyria Neal
Pd. 5


Education and Training/ Certification
According to All Nursing Schools, a nurse-practitioner must complete a registered nursing program followed by at least 2 more years of schooling to get a master's degree. Once you have your Master of Science in Nursing, or MSN, you can participate in a post-master's certificate program that focuses on the cardiovascular specialty.  Some cardiovascular Advanced Registered Nurse-Practitioners participate in a fellowship program, such as the Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellowship program offered by the Mayo School of Health Sciences; however, this isn't a requirement. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, licensure for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), including cardiovascular ARNP, varies from state to state. However, most states require that these specialty nurse-practitioners have a master's degree and become certified by a national certification board. Certification boards include the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

In an effort to ensure advanced registered nurse-practitioners stay up-to-date on medical advances, certifications have expiration dates. To renew a certification, the nurse must complete continuing education requirements, which vary according to certification board and specialty. Some continuing education requirements can be completed on the job.

Responsibility and Daily Activities
The job duties of a cardiovascular nurse-practitioner vary slightly depending on the location of practice; however, taking a patient's vital signs, documenting care in a medical record, aiding in diagnosing conditions and diseases, offering lifestyle, medical and dietary suggestions and developing and adhering to a treatment plan, including writing prescriptions and dispensing medications, are duties universal to all practice locations.  In a hospital or surgical care center, the nurse is also responsible for providing pre- and post-operative care, including teaching the patient self-care techniques.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn't maintain data specifically for cardiology nurses. However, it reported that, as of May 2012, the median annual wage of registered nurses in general was $65,470 ( The lowest-paid 10% earned around $45,000 or less per year, while the highest-paid 10% earned over $94,000 annually at that time. Wages vary with level of education and experience. Nurses in employment services and surgical hospitals tended to make more on average than nurses in private practice or in-home services in 2012, according to the BLS. The BLS reported that job opportunities all across the nursing field were expected to be excellent from 2010-2020, increasing by 26% over the decade.

Document of Sources
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As I researched the career path of being a Cardiovascular Nurse, I found a lot of interesting things that I would be working with people training. On scale from 1-10 I would rate this career field a 9. I was really interested in the different things in how they do their work. I am also interested in how much they get paid. I would be interested in becoming a Cardiovascular Nurse as a career choice.


Education and Training/Certification
Applicants submit high school transcripts or their equivalent. Standardized test scores are rarely required, although some programs do feature math and English placement tests. Other common...
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