Biscuit Questionnair

Topics: Service, Maruti Gypsy, Service system Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: October 13, 2011
it questionnairComparative study between Britannia and Parle biscuit


Age: - ________
Gender: - Male Female
Occupation: - ____________________________________________________________

Income level: - Up to 150000150000-300000300000-500000above 500000 -------------------------------------------------
Q1) do you eat biscuits

Q2) If given an option which cars you will prefer?
Maruti Suzuki Hyundai
Others specify_____________________________
Q3) What makes you to buy Maruti / Hyundai car?
Brand name PriceAfter sales servicePerformance -------------------------------------------------
Q4) a) What is the company’s warranty policy for your vehicle? -------------------------------------------------

b) Had they have kept their warranty obligation?
Yes No
Q5) In how many months do you service your vehicle?
1 Month 3 Month6 Month9 Month
Q6) Did you receive any intimation through call or letters for the “service due” date to get vehicle service?
Yes No
Q7) The ease of contacting service department to make an appointment is:-

Q8) a) In how much time do you get appointment or servicing your vehicle?
On the spotOn the day of contacting With in 1 to 2 days After 3 days b) Are you satisfied with this?
Yes No
Q9) Was the service mechanic available for you when you were in problem while your journey?
Yes No
Q10) a) Is any service is provided by your service provider to pick up your vehicle for servicing?
b) If yes then Driver had come on time to pick up your vehicle?
Q11) when you entered at service center what was the total time taken by the staff to attend you? Excellent < 2 minGood...
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