john updike's a&p

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John Updikes “A&P”

John Updike’s A&P takes place in a grocery store in a little town a few miles away from the beach. Sammy is a 19 year old cashier who comes off as shallow, homogenous, and unkindly towards to store’s customers. Sammy is also used as a critic of consumer culture. The narrator is young and immature, he quits his job because Lengel was being what he (the narrator) thought was being rude to three female customers that he had a liking to. This decision to quit was fueled by sexual desire, it was a coming of age for Sammy, a moment that will forever change his life.

Sammy is a 19 year old cashier who comes off as shallow, homogenous, and unkindly to the store’s customers. “ she’s one of these cash-register-watchers, a witch about fifty with rogue on her cheekbones and no eye brows, and I know it made her day to trip me up.” (updike,18). Sammy is immature and is saying bad things about the customer because she might have spent a little longer at the register than a normal person would. This is because as a customer an individual , mainly older persons, want to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth on the products they are buying. Sammy does not realize that, he just thinks the lady wants to ruin his day. I think as a cashier Sammy should have handled that situation better, it’s his job to serve the customer properly no matter her attitude.

Sammy was rude and unkind to the customers at the beginning of the story, he seemed to have a problem with everything in the store. “ He is snotty and sarcastic about everybody and everything-the store and the people. He also talks to the girls...
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