Bis 220 Week 2 Information Systems Proposal

Topics: Information systems, Decision theory, Small business Pages: 5 (1127 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Week 2 – Information Systems Proposal

Take Me Back When Record Store
A Business Proposal to Establish A New Nostalgic Music Store

Prepared for
Shelli Smith
Potential Business Partner and Co-Owner

Prepared by
Cindy Johnson

October 11, 2012

Proposal Number: CJ20-01
Table of Contents


Objective 4


Proposed Inventory5

Information Systems Table 6

Information Systems Overview7


Shelli Smith and Cindy Johnson have been best friends and co-workers for over 30 years. One of their long time passions they’ve shared together over the years is music. Although they have both worked together in the retail industry since they were in high school, Shelli worked mainly in Customer Service while Cindy worked behind the scenes in the office utilizing many different business systems. The intent of this proposal is to create a business that will allow customers to find music from the past before CD’s or internet music were available. In addition, it will provide Shelli with an overview on the various types of information systems that would work well for our small business. After examining the various systems, Shelli and Cindy should be able to select the most appropriate systems to start their business together.

Start up Take Me Back Record Store that will provide customers the opportunity to find music they have loved for years, but cannot find. Our record store will be unique in that it will utilize contacts from all over the world to find rare or unusual musical hits that are hard to find. In addition, we plan to carry a large section of multi-genre vinyl records that are almost extinct due to the CD, MP3, and internet music revolution. Although we will also carry main stream music in all variations – records, CD’s, MP3’s, and downloadable version – our main objective will be to provide specialty, rare, and almost impossible to find music.

To collectively decide on which information systems we will choose to effectively run our business. Key considerations are: • Maintaining a resource data base for the business contacts we will utilize around the world to find our music. • An inventory system

• Customer Data Base
• Sales
• Payroll and budgeting

Proposed Inventory

The following graph depicts the inventory plan for products. As our target market is old time vinyl records that will make up half of our inventory. The remaining will be current music media types such as CD’s, MP3’s, and downloadable media.

Information Systems Table

The following table depicts the types of information systems, their functions, and provide an example of what each category provides the small business. These systems show useful information that will benefit the business, and help drive it’s success.

|TYPE |FUNCTION |EXAMPLE | |Management Information Systems |Produces reports summarized from transaction |Drafts reports on total sales from each customer| | |data | | |Expert System |Mimics human expertise in a particular area |Credit card approval analysis | | |and makes a decision | | |Executive Dashboard |Presents structured, summarized information |Tracks the status of sales by the product | | |about aspects...
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