Birth Control

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Birth Control Pill
It is a hormonal method of birth control. They increase estrogen and progestin to prevent the egg from leaving the ovaries and to increase the thickness of cervical mucus. The pill is very effective, over 99% effective, when taken as directed. It is safe for most women, but some women with health conditions or who take other medications should not take the pill. The pill may have some side effects. The benefits of birth control are it helps regulate and lighten periods, can help with menstrual cramps, acne, and prevent certain illness. It also improves many women's sex lives due to their ability to be spontaneous. The disadvantages to birth control pills are that few women get spotting between periods, nausea, and breast tenderness. However, that usually goes away within a few months. It can also change a woman's libido. It can also increase risk for some more serious illness. You need a prescription for the pill. You can go to a private clinic, community clinic, or free clinic for an evaluation and prescription. You can get the birth control from a pharmacy or a clinic. You may need an exam to get the prescription, which can cost between 35 and 250 dollars. The cost of the pill each month is between 15 and 50 dollars. Some planned parenthood will give you birth control for very low cost or for free depending on income. You take a pill at the same time during the day every day of the month.

A thin piece of plastic or latex that is shaped to fit a penis. It is worn over the penis during sex. It is a barrier method, it prevents sperm from entering the woman’s vagina, anus, or mouth. Condoms are 98% effective when used as directed. You can help their effectiveness by using spermicide and/or pulling out before ejaculation in addition to using a condom. Condoms are very safe unless a person is allergic to latex, in which case they need to purchase a plastic condom. The benefits of using condoms are their convenience, their protection against STD’s, don’t require a prescription, are cheap and easy to get, and they can help a man stay erect longer. The disadvantages of using condoms are that some partners may be allergic to latex. It also has been said to dull the sensation or interrupt foreplay to have to put on a condom. You can buy condoms at drugstores, community health centers and clinics, or at planned parenthood. Individual condoms cost about a dollar

The condom is worn on the penis. You usually roll it on from the tip to the base of the penis.

Spermicide is a chemical cream, gel, film, or suppository that stops sperm from moving. Spermicide is a chemical. It keeps sperm from moving or blocks the cervix. When you use spermicide correctly, it is 85% effective for women. The benefits of spermicide is that it can help protect against pregnancy if you are allergic to latex or cannot be on the pill. The disadvantage of spermicide is that it does not protect against STD’s. You can get spermicide at drugstores, clinics, or planned parenthood. Spermicide costs about 8 dollars.

You insert most spermicide deep into your vagina using an applicator or your fingers.

It is made of plastic foam and is filled with spermicide.
It covers the cervix to block sperm (barrier) and prevents sperm from moving. Women who use the sponge correctly get pregnant 9% of the time. Most women can use the sponge safely but you should not use it on your period. The benefits of the sponge are that it is safe and convenient. It can be carried in a purse or pocket. It can also not be felt by your partner. The negative effects of the sponge are it may be difficult for women to insert or remove. You can get the sponge at Planned Parenthood, drugstores, or clinics. It costs about 12 dollars for a pack of three.

You wet the sponge with a little bit of water. Then you squeeze the sponge gently to activate the spermicide to get the whole thing wet. Then...
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