Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Birth control, Sexually transmitted disease, Sexual intercourse Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Did you know that approximately 750,000 teens become pregnant every year and most didn’t plan on becoming pregnant? Well in this essay i shall share a few methods on how to prevent teen pregnancy from occurring. These methods are Condoms, Pregnancy Pills or in my opinion the bestest staying abstinence, Because i believe our body is a temple and we should take care of it and keep it sacred. Condoms, the most common method that teens use. The Condom blocks semen from entering and causing pregnancy. But little do they know, if the condom is not used correctly it may accidentally break or slip and cause pregnancy. Another huge risk is in danger of catching an STD’s (sexual transmitted diseases). Which are infectious diseases that spread from person to person through intimate contact. Another common known method a lot of teens use is the Birth control pill. The Birth control pill is a daily pill that contains hormones to change the way the body works and prevent pregnancy. Hormones are chemical substances that control the functioning of the body's organs. In this case, the hormones in the Pill conIf trol the ovaries and the uterus. But as well as the Condoms these pills can also be risky, if the pills are skipped or forgotten, a girl is not protected against pregnancy and she will need a backup form of birth control, such as condoms. Or she will need to stop having sex for a while. And this is why, i believe staying Abstinence is the best way to go! A person who decides to practice abstinence has decided not to have sex.You don't have to be a virgin to practice abstinence. Sometimes people who have been having sex decide not to continue having sex. Even if a person has been having sex, he or she can still choose abstinence to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the future. I strongly believe these methods can help you prevent pregnancy, if these steps are chosen wisely and are done the correct way. I hope this essay helped you learn a...
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