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Biotherm is a European brand that launched in 1950 by Mrs. Jeanine Marissal. Its brand name is meaningful, which is integrated by two words. “Bio” drives at bio chemical technology and “therm” drives at spa, which means the perfect fusion of technology and natural to nurse people’s skin back to health and strong. Biotherm builds up with several strengths but also some weaknesses and it is facing some opportunities and threats, which I will analysis below.

To start with, strengths are internal capabilities that can help company reach its objectives and Biotherm can build on three significant strengths. Firstly, Biotherm has strong brand awareness and image. It is one of the subsidiary company of L’Oreal, which is a strong cosmetic brand. Biotherm established its brand and image clearly, which is natural and pure. It also has several aggressive promotions, in order to build strong brand recognition. For example, the prolocutor of Biotherm HOMME is Takeshi Kaneshiro. Secondly, Biotherm register the patent of Pure Thermal Plankton (PTP). PTP is a natural component, which has thrice capability to enhance people’s immunity of skin and keep skin youthful. Biotherm biologists found PTP fifty years ago, and it registers the patent for all products. Thirdly, Biotherm has good reputation among customers. As people never slacking up the aspiration of natural, they would like Biotherm’s products because it adhering beliefs of “pure, vitality and natural”. In the present, the sale of Biotherm HOMME, which is the product line of men skin care, is the primacy in the world.

Biotherm build up with several powerful strengths, nonetheless, it also has three major weaknesses that are internal elements that may interfere with the company’s ability to achieve its objectives. Firstly, the pricing of Biotherm’s product is higher than its competitors, such as Clinique and Neutrogena, which products are homogeneous. However, Clinique and Neutrogena can offer a lower price, and...

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