Biomass Power Generation

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Biomass Power Generation

Introduction into the current situation

The utilization of fossil fuels will be even extended in future due to the still growing number of humans on the world
especially in developing
countries like China, India and
most of African countries. [1]
This fact is supported by figure
1 which shows the growing of
world’s population in future.

Figure 1: World`s growing
(Source: Beyond Six Billion:
Forecasting the World's

At present roughly 80% of world’s energy demand is supplied by non-renewables and contributes to atmospheric greenhouse gases and climate change. [1] But another aspect is that fossil resources are finite and are going to run out eventually or are not worth to harvest anymore due to economic issues. Figure 2 is intended to provide an overview how world’s energy demand could be supplied in future by a recently made prediction.

Figure 2: World`s
energy supply in
(Source: Yvonne Y. Deng et al., The role of bioenergy in a fully sustainable global energy System)


Hence, it is obvious that there is the need of other energy carriers which are able to supply world’s energy demand in future preferably with regard to the environment and safety.
Renewable sources could fulfil these requirements and probably future’s electric energy system will be based on wind and solar power. But there is still a big discussion based on their strong connection to the weather which leads to a hard predictable and fluctuant energy production. This fact could cause a decrease in supply security and grid stability as well. Energy carriers are necessary to compensate the residual power demand and biomass plants could be appropriate to solve this problem. [3] Figure 3 is a example of renewable fluctuant power generation and the resulting gap between supply and demand side.

Figure 3: Fluctuant power generation of renewable energies

(Source: Szarka N, et al.)

The problem of other renewables are also often the insufficient energy density but not for bioenergy sources. [2]
This report focuses on bioenergies because there is a great opportunity for this kind of energy source to provide necessary compensating power. This kind of power might be needed to provide a stable and safety electric grid in future as we are used to in developed countries. It also has big advantage with regard to high energy density characteristics of biomass which most of the other renewable energies do not feature.

The fact that biomass can provide energy in a multitude of different energy carrier types is also a strong argument to work on the progress of this promising energy source. [2]
The following explanation is intended to by a clarification of the current situation in Germany and support of renewable energies by the government. In September 2010, the German Government released guidelines for a environmentally friendly, secure and affordable energy supply by 2050. After the Fukushima tragedy in 2011 there were another comprehensive changes of energyrelated laws for instance is planned to shut off all nuclear power stations by 2022. [3] 2


Technical concepts of biomass-fueled power generation

Energy production from biomass matter in the past was established as a basic supply system which primarily focused on many full-load hours. But if it shall work in future as a fast reacting and demand-focused system then are there some conceptual changes inevitable. Higher investments will be necessary because of storage implementation and larger scaled power conversion systems due to higher power supply in shorter times. From economical perspectives it should not be a problem because there is a higher payment for the provision of power at high-peak times at least in Germany. [3]

2.1. Liquid fuels
As there are for instance Biodiesel, Bioethanol and vegetable oil. They all feature a high energy density that corresponds with even a work out for storages on a low...

References: supply, Energy (2013),
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