The Advantages of Biomass Power Plant in Korea

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Biomass power plant boiler in Korea

Recent days, we have Korea client asking biomass boiler for their power plant. They want using biomass- rice husk, wood, sugar cane and other agr-waste as fuel to heating boilers in power plant.

Why using biomass as fuel in power plant boiler?
Biomass is readily available; lower priced, and can be sustainably grown. ZG offers a wide range of biomass fired boiler for power plant (station),and CFB boiler for power station technologies, distinguished by capacity, fuel and industrial application, and characterized by unmatched fuel flexibility, lowest emissions and high efficiency and availability.

High efficient biomass power plant boiler system
High efficient biomass power plant boiler system Presently, rice husk- and bagasse-fired power station boilers develop the largest number and production capacities among biomass power plants. With low outstanding biomass, it's very tough to build new rice husk- or bagasse-fired power plants because of staple constraint. Therefore, enhancing efficiency of bagasse-fired power plants would promote production and usage of biomass power relative to targets from the country’s Electrical power Development plan.

Sugar plants have ultimate potential as electrical power sources because all its wastes may be used for energy production. As an example, bagasse might be boiled inside boiler plus the steam can often produce power while molasses enables you to make ethanol, a raw material for gasohol production. Within the 10-year Renewable energy Development plan, the efficiency enhancement of biomass power plants will initially focus on power plants within sugar refiners before expanding to forms of biomass power plants, fueled by rice husk and palm. Once we have built one biomass power plant boiler in Korea

How to produce power with biomass power plant boiler
Biomass can be converted into electric power through several methods. The most common is direct combustion of biomass...
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