Biology Lab Report

Topics: Urine, Urinalysis, Urinary tract infection Pages: 4 (916 words) Published: June 30, 2013
Homeostasis –Urine Analysis
1) To know know the various urine components
2) To detect abnormal constituents
3) To get a brief introduction on clinical biochemistry

Homeostasis mechanism of human body will regulate the osmotic pressure of the blood. This function is carried out by the kidneys, that will filter blood and produces urine through three stages: ultrafiltration, reabsorption and secretion. The end product of the process will produce urine, which contains mainly water and a range of substances that such as inorganic salts, organic compounds and some metabolites. The quantity and composition of the urine reflects various biochemical processes that occur in the body. Thus, the composition of the urine of an individual may change when a person is unhealthy or has a disease. In such a case, it is common to observe the presence of abnormal components or normal components in abnormal quantities present in the urine.

1)Test tubes
2)Boiling water bath
4)Slides and cover slips
5)Pasteur pipettes

1)pH test strips
2)Benedict’s reagent

Collect the urine samples in a container. Make sure to not spill anywhere in the lab. Complete the tests and all results/ observation are in a proper table. (A) Observation of urine
1) The urine is sniffed and the description of the urine is described. Terminologies like slightly nutty, sweet/ fruity or pungent can be used 2) Comment on the colour of the sample. The colour hue of the urine is precisely described. 3) The clarity if the urine is recorded

(B) Testing for pH
1) A pH strip was dipped into the urine sample.
2) The strip is then removed and the colour of the strip is then compared with the scale provided.

(C) Sediment analysis
1) One test tube is filled with the urine sample
2) The tube is then set in a centrifuge opposite of another sample. 3) The tube is...
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