Biology Abstract/Results

Topics: Color, Green, Sodium bicarbonate Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Bio 1101-Sec 007
27 October 27, 2014
The purpose of doing this experiment on the rate at which photosynthesis occurs, was to find out how the rate of photosynthesis could be affected by changing certain aspects of the experiment; such as the color of filter paper, which in turn changes the color of light in the experiment. My group’s hypothesis was that if the color of the filter paper was clear, then more leaves would be at surface of the cup because they had photosynthesis occurring at a faster rate. For the experiment, we deoxidized leaves by placing them in a vacuum along with a sodium bicarbonate solution. We then placed these deoxidized spinach leaves into a cup of sodium bicarbonate solution, and then placed this cup under direct light for 20 minutes to observe how many leaves floated to the top after this time period. Each cup had a different color filter paper over it to test our hypothesis; with each group in the class having a certain group of colors assigned. Our group was assigned purple, blue, green and clear filters. The average of floating disks given to us were; clear ended up with 10, purple with 6.3, blue with 8.3, and green had 2.5 of its disks floating. With these results, our hypothesis was supported with clear having the highest percentage of disks floating after 20 minutes. The rest of the data for the other color filters were provided for us, these concluded black, red, orange, and yellow filters. Yellow ended up producing a cup with the highest percentage of floating disks, which showed a similarity as it was the lightest colored filter of the four it was tested with as well. Results
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