Biography: Very funny. About the experiences of primary school. Great outline to follow

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Prison Life

My beginning as a legally recognized individual occurred on August 25, 1987 in Perth, Western Australia. Life began in the suburban area of Ballajura where it was play time every minute of the day. The open areas of the bold green grass comprised with the warm blazing sun fulfilled and created the perfect environment for enjoying the events of daily cricket matches and grazing the backyard with my toy lawn-mower. Many things were accomplishable in one of those days, without possibly even thinking of a factor to worry about. But this innocent lifestyle was to soon come to an end.

The excitement of cricket bats and being surrounded by respectable adults were to be replaced by cold, hard pencils and a sea of immature teasing peers. My parents happy laughs and sentences with words including 'yes' were exchanged for demanding taunts of 'Quick get ready for school' and the repetitive dawning question of 'What did you learn today?'. Becoming a prisoner in the life of a student would cause a dramatic change in my life forever...

It was 6:00 when my parent's alarm clock went off emitting the loud shocking moan and a bright red display, shattering my routine of late sleep-ins. As I turned, the gap between the curtains provided immense light, forcing me out of my warm and comfortable environment and into icy cold and crisp air. The long, strenuous, ever-lasting drive from the familiar boundary of my home seemed to have an infinite time limit. I had never experienced such anxiousness. The cold, stiff atmosphere was in complete contrast to the warm sweat of stress dripping down and drying at the base of my nose.

Year one was the beginning of a development in my life that would never allow me to look back.

"How was school today Simon?" questioned my mother.

"Not good", "Too Long" I replied as I stamped my school shoes in anger. The red haired teacher that was appointed to blabber to my peers and I was a fiery drill sergeant,...
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