Bio of Sir Francis Drake

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Biography of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was the 1st Captain to circumnavigate the globe from start to finish ALIVE. Since Magellan was killed on his journey, that gave Drake the distinction of being the first. Name: Sir Francis Drake

Date of Birth & Death: 1540 – January 27, 1596
Country of Origin: England
Sir Francis Drake’s Main Accomplishments
Drake’s biggest major accomplishment would be the circumnavigating the world from 1577 to 1580. He is the 2nd person to circumnavigate it behind Magellan but considered the 1st to do it alive. In the year 1567, John Hawkins, his cousin, made him an officer in big slave trades. During one of them, Drake immediately became a captain of the ship called the Judith. Drake stopped a mutiny exactly where Magellan stopped one and Drake plundered enemy ships according to the order of the Queen of England, Elizabeth I. In 1588, Elizabeth I called Drake forward to a subordinate post to a large armada to fight Spain. Drake was in charge of the Elizabeth Bon and they defeated Spain in July. Elizabeth I was fond of Drake’s abilities as a captain and called upon him for further raids and attacks on the Spaniards and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1581. Later that year he was elected to the House of Commons. (Important place to discuss politics and law making) Francis Drake’s Accomplishments Relation to Renaissance Ideas The relationship could only be made that he was an explorer and privateer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth which during this time period considered the “Elizabethan Era”. Drake is known for circumnavigating the globe. He was considered a Pirate by Spain and a Hero by England. His only contributions to the Renaissance would be recognized as exploration/circumnavigation of the world. How Drake’s Accomplishments contributed to History

Sir Francis Drake was one of the earliest explorers to circumnavigate the world, actually the 2nd right behind Magellan....
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