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Topics: Brain, Nervous system, Adenosine triphosphate Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Writing Assignment 2: Bill Bryson’s “Cells”

1. According to Bill Bryson’s book, nitric oxide benefits the human cell by helping control the blood flow and level of energy for cells. It also attacks bad pathogens such as cancer. Nitric oxide manages the sense of smell and has been known to help aid penile erections. (Found on page 373)

2. When Bill Bryson mentioned that we are all youngsters based on our cellular level he was referring to a fact he had mentioned before about our brain cells. We are given about one hundred billion brain cells at birth but we lose about 500 an hour. Although this happens, specific components of the brain cells are renewed. This means that no part of the brain cell will actually be more than a month old. He later mentioned that there is not a single molecule that was within us 9 years prior. So when he said this, he was implying our cells are only 9 years old. (Found on page 373-374)

3. Louis Pasteur was the man who proved that life had to come from preexisting cells. He created the “cell theory”! This is an essential to modern biology. (Found on page 376)

4. We are at the mercy of the mitochondria for one main reason! All of the food and oxygen we consume is processed and delivered to the mitochondria where it’s converted into ATP. ATP moves throughout the cell and gives energy for all the cells processes. (Found on page 378-379)

5. Sponge cells are unique because you can disassemble their cells and put them into a solution, but they will always get back together and reassemble. No matter how many times you do this, they will always become a sponge again. (Found on page 380)
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