Bigfoot: Real Or Myth

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Bigfoot, real or myth.
One of the most controversial topics out today is that Bigfoot is real? Many people will swear that it is just a made up myth. On the other side of that there are countless people that swear to seeing this gigantic hairy creature all over the world. There have been multiple tracks and strands of hairs that have been tracked down and discovered. On the other side of that, some people think that they made the tracks or got the hair off of other animals. On this topic I am going to convince you that Bigfoot is real and show you why. To fully understand this idea of a Bigfoot we will have to go back to the origin of the story. Stories and tales have been shared and told from early Native Americans who would catch glimpses
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Now I’m not saying every eyewitness is credible for what they seem. There are numerous people that just make up seeing this beast, but there are those who did in fact see it. All their stories are way too close in the fact to be just made up. Something to think about when these experts are positive that Bigfoot does not exist, seventeen percent of the world has not been discovered and is untouched by humans. The most undiscovered area in the United States is in Alaska and there is no telling what creatures inhabit that untouched land. In my opinion, I believe that the Bigfoot species has evolved to evade humans and learn to live away from civilization in remote areas with a stable food source. Researchers say that just like any animal, Bigfoots have an excellent olfactory system and can smell when foreign objects are …show more content…
For example, it took years before mankind discovered a gorilla and considered it to me real. Before then people thought it was just a made up myth about creatures in the wild that were hairy creatures that would kill and eat any man that dared to go into the jungle. But now, a gorilla is just another animal we all know and have seen pictures of. It's not what people thought it was when they first caught glimpses of and found tracks. Do you not think it's possible for a primate type creature to be in different areas of the world and evade being captured or discovered? What it would be doing is just going off their instinct and going by what they have been doing since the beginning of time. In my opinion, when I think of a bigfoot I think more of a gorilla that stands up straighter and walks on two legs instead of all fours. Maybe the Bigfoot could just have came from a group of primates that got lost from the group and have just evolved over the years to the climate and different situations that are bestowed upon them. Charles Darwin proved that animals can evolve to different climates and different difficulties that the certain species face on a day to day basis. It is either they evolve, or die there is no other way around

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