Big Family Introduction

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Family, Household Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: November 10, 2013
Should a proper family be a big family?
Recently, Discussion concerning family size was brought to light and was given a huge priority over other topics that –As many would claim– it would concern every human being on this planet. The fact is that families did not even evolve until a date that is not that far from nowadays. However, Importance of a family –Precisely a big one– was not recognized until we have got to acquire it, In fact it was not until we have got to become a part of it. On the other hand, some claim that a big family would essentially burden the global economy and the local government as well. However, that could be easily refuted as stated by Karl Marx:”There are enough resources to feed humanity, Not humanity’s greed” (as cited by------------).Therefore any family should be a big family because of its huge impact on both Society and Individuals’ Psychology and economy situation as well. Being brought up in a big family strengthens human bonding methods and provides us with communication means amongst each other; its Importance could not be noticed until individuals get out of their shells, break their walls and blend in with the –Side by side– working machine known as: Society. Society mainly consists of Individuals that are sorted, grouped and promoted each to his own sector, In fact research suggest that individuals that are able to blend in with certain society and coup with its standards have the highest survivability rates and those individuals happen to be brought in big families. Sequentially, having a family would provide society with working hands. However, Big families provide doubled numbers of working hands and potential Industry leaders as well.
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