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Hum 111: Journal
Journal: Self-Portrait
1 The primary Reason for Painting a Self-Portrait
Assessing Internal Characteristics
Professor: Amanda Ducksworth
TaScharner Cosby
One of our main struggles in life is to gain self-understanding. We continuously explore our desires, goals, fears, plans, needs…etc. The ability to effectively assess our internal characteristics is one of the main obstacles we face when thinking about a self-portrait. Due to this reason, I decided that I need to evaluate my traits, and try and think about who I am, before presenting myself to others. I believe that a self-portrait reveals a very intimate side of an artist. Many of us possess countless traits that shape our character; unfortunately, we are often unable to convey all these characteristics in one painting. Therefore, I have decided to include those traits that I believe define me the most. I will explore these characteristics in greater detail in Section 1.1.2- Artistic Choices in Composition. Assessing External Perception

The way we view ourselves may not correlate with the way others perceive us. Despite my internal self-exploration and my desire to depict my many traits, those traits I wish to depict in my self-portrait might define me during my life and long after my death. It is, therefore, quite important that I consider my audience when choosing which traits to reveal. My perhaps most intimate traits can remain hidden in my other paintings and in my symbolism. It is the conflict between internal and external depiction that will give my self-portrait much depth. I wish to be explicit and implicit, mysterious and obvious, controversial and traditional. Only this kind of self-portrait could adequately capture the complexity of my character. 2 My Artistic Choices in Composition

Colors can influence our perception and impact our emotions. It is often said that we lose the ability to see the bright colors when we are stressed or sad. A gloomy day can also...
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